나는 다른 곳에서 잠들 때, 별게 아닌 것들에도 즐겁다.

예들 :
슬리퍼 비닐을 뜯는 것.
문과 냉장고를 열어보는 것.
커튼 고리와 막대가 긁히는 촉감을 천을 통해 느끼는 것.
스위치를 누를 때 어떤 빛이 켜질지 기대하는 것.
오줌을 누는 것.
낯선 침대에 걸터 앉는 것.


When I sleep in someplace else other than my own bedroom, I always get sensitive
over every little funny things.

such as: opening doors and the fridge, feeling the scratch of the curtain rods and a pole when I open the curtain,
wondering which lights turn on when I turn the random switches, peeing, leaning my body on an unfamiliar chair and a bed...

But everything is mingled and mixed because the typical hotel rooms are so much alike my bedroom.

I have imagined the perfect hotel for me who have always thought about sleeping in someplace else.
Someplace that does not spoil the possibilities of fascinating sensitive experiences in the new place
but still makes us to imagine and expect the special moments of space, and yet the place where I can meet someone like me.