This project is to transform a cosmetic factory into an art gallery and commercial facility.

이 프로젝트는 화장품 공장을 개조하고 그 주변 부지에 건물들을 새로 지어 미술관과 상업시설로 만드는 프로젝트입니다.  

Program: Cultural complex (art gallery, cafe, bakery, wineshop, office)
Project Location: Gimpo, South Korea
Client :  Forerium
Site Area : 7,200 m2
Built Area : A Building(Renovation) / 900 m2, B Building / 200 m2,  Building / 120 m2, D Building / 103 m2, E Building / 45 m2
Architecture Design : Studio Studio
Construction Documents with OFF studio (off.dhvm@gmail.com)
Graphic Design : PACAY PACAY (pacaypacay.works@gmail.com)
All Photo by Park Sehee (seheee_p@naver.com)

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